There is something innately satisfying about conveying information about something you love. You get to pontificate in detail about a subject that you fiercely adore. There are many facets of enjoyment in sharing what you love to others. You may be teaching someone about something that they never thought about. You may be providing information to others that may be somewhat knowledgeable about the topic, but you perhaps provide something new. You may rekindle a spark in something that was forgotten. You may be igniting a passion in another that may equal yours someday.

So, what is all this babble about? I gave a presentation on infrared photography this week. IR photography has always been a captivation for me, even in film days when it was much more challenging to shoot than in the DSLR world today.  While I compiled the material for the presentation, it gave me the opportunity to assess my own understanding of infrared photography. I found satisfaction in validating the knowledge I have compiled in years of infrared photography.

Sharing knowledge helps the teacher to strengthen their own understanding of the topic, and of themselves.

If you have a passion, share it. You will be amazed and enriched in return.


All Images Copyright 2019 by Silvana Della Camera

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