Winter 2021 – Works in Progress

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy! 

I’ve been using the constraints of the pandemic to further explore my interest in various types of photography and projects, including astrophotography (deep space objects). I have revived my other passion, astronomy, which has been on hiatus for many (many) years. There is much to photograph where you live and I hope you have been taking advantage of this time to do things you didn’t have time for before the pandemic. 

Two workshops have been scheduled for next month (details are below).
Colors of Night
I have always been fascinated by the unseen. Infra-red, time-lapse and night photography have been my obsession for many years. Our vision is quite limited, especially at night. Our eyes cannot see well at night but the reality is that darkness has beautiful color and our cameras can see it. For me, it’s amazing to frame a shot and marvel at the incredible, intense color that my camera can see and has captured. You don’t have to put your camera away once the sun sets. There is much yet to photograph! 

You don’t need to head into the city for colorful vistas. The night transforms everything so there is magic to be discovered right in your neighborhood. If you are just starting out doing night captures, shooting local allows you to experiment using the same subject on different nights with ease.

Your own backyard has many marvels. How about shooting some startrails? Startrails can be photographed even in areas with substantial light pollution.

What have you been working on?


Coming up
Saturday, February 13th Essentials of Night Photography
No need to put away your camera when the sun goes down. Your camera can see the hidden beauty of the night much better than your eyes can. Learn how to photograph the city lights and even your backyard. Discover how to set your camera to capture the magic of the night.
Full workshop description on Registration page.

Saturday, February 20th Essentials of Photography
So you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Are you intimidated by those other modes the camera has? Explore what those other modes do and see how your creativity can expand by using them.
Full workshop description on the Registration page.

Coming soon!Color, Contrast, Lighting, and Composition Workshop (or, what are you looking at?)  Photography is more than pointing your camera at a scene and tripping the shutter. In this workshop, we will cover the following concepts:We will explore the power of color and its effects on the viewer.We will examine how contrast can be used to convey a mood.We will discuss why and how the direction and temperature of light affects an image.We will look at compositional tips to improve the overall image.Photography is more than freezing a moment in time.Whether you are just getting into photography or want to bring your work to another level, I can help you tap into your vision of the world.Group and individual instruction available.

Contact me for more information.Visit my website for more time-lapse, upcoming workshops and presentations.

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